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The Beauty Co. India

The Beauty Co. ChoCo Treat Face Combo for Facial Skincare Routine (Face Scrub + Face Wash + Face Mask)

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Cocoa Powder

Coffee Robusta Powder

Aloe Vera Extract

How to use

Take: Take a pea-size of The Beauty Co. Chocolate Coffee Face Wash.

Apply: Apply it on your wet face and rub it in a circular motion.

Massage: Massage it gently over the face, leaving the eye area, to clear your skin of grime and toxins settled on it.

Rinse: Rinse it with water, pat dry. And enjoy healthy skin for the rest of the day! Use it twice daily for great results.


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Additional Information

Best Before: 24 Months

Manufactured/Packed By: Goodness Of Nature

Marketed By: Zen Lifestyle Private Limited

1701, Mondeal Heights, Near Novotel Hotel, S G Highway 380051

Country Of Origin: India

Say Nay to Acne… With Highly-Effective Face Wash

Using a face wash is one of the most common acts that we do quite a few times a day. That's the reason we should be more careful about something that touches our skin these many times a day. The Beauty Co. Chocolate Coffee Face Wash for acne-prone skin is a perfect solution for your facial skin for the care you deserve! The unique blend of Cocoa Extract, Coffee Extract, and Aloe Vera work fabulously on your skin. Just massage it gently on your face to remove dust and toxins, repair dry & flaky skin, restrict acne and pimples, and replenish the lost glow of your skin. See how this mild, foamy face wash turns the coarse and hard skin into soft, supple and oh-so-touchable!.

  • Cocoa Extract

    -Repairs & replenishes skin

    -Combats acne & pimples

    -Retains moisture

    -Protects skin from sun damage

  • Coffee Robusta Powder

    -Reduces cellulite on skin

    -Age-defying benefits

    -Treats dark circles & spots

    -Soothes puffiness, irritation or inflammation

  • Aloe vera Extract

    -Heals dry, flaky skin

    -Improves skin tone & texture

    -Provides intense hydration

    -Renders softness & suppleness to skin

A Gentle Yet Effective Wash For Your Skin!