From Frosty to Fresh: Your Ultimate Guide to Transitioning Your Skincare Routine from Winter to Summer

From Frosty to Fresh: Your Ultimate Guide to Transitioning Your Skincare Routine from Winter to Summer

You see the sweat dribbling? That's a sign that Indian Summer has begun a little too early this year. Now is the time to switch up your winter skincare routine. While winter focuses on dry skin needs, a summer routine should focus on hydration and protection. Indian Summer is harsh on the skin and makes your skin sweaty, oily and sun-damaged easily. Read ahead to learn how you can transition your skincare from winter to summer.

5 Ways to Transition Your Winter-to-Summer Skincare

  1. Swap Thick Body Butters with Lightweight Lotions: Keep your skin hydrated this summer with non-greasy lightweight lotion. Body butters or nourishing moisturizers in winters are our favorites but they can be very thick and don’t bode well for hot, sweaty summers. Lotions like, The Beauty Co Coconut Milk and Honey Body Lotion make your skin healthy, soft and smooth. It absorbs quickly and leaves a sweet, light lingering fragrance. 
  2. Go for Higher SPFs to Keep the Tan at Bay:  Shield your skin from the angry summer sun with SPF30 or more sunscreen. Apply it 20 minutes before heading out and reapply it every 2-3 hours to keep your skin protected. It’s important to choose a broad spectrum sunscreen to avoid getting tanned and skin damage. Sun protection is the most important part of your summer ritual. Especially if you are someone who goes out a lot under direct sun. 
  3. Lather Up with a Refreshing Body Wash: The sweatiest days of the year are here. What could be better than a refreshing shower to energize and cool off? Bust your stress and relieve fatigue with The Beauty Co.’s Tea Tree Body Wash

It is enriched with natural, invigorating ingredients that gently cleanse the skin while maintaining its moisture levels. It calms dry skin with a blend of Tea Tree Oil, Aloe Vera, and Glycerin. Besides, this body wash also aids in preventing body acne, odor and delivers a refreshing scent behind, which is a win-win for summers. 

  1. Get Your Body Ready for Summer Clothes: Say goodbye to dull, discolored knees and elbows and hello to brighter, smoother skin that's ready for the summer clothes. The Beauty Co Elbow & Whitening cream is packed with natural ingredients that work together to lighten and even out skin tone while exfoliating and keeping the skin moisturized. Rock those shorts and sundresses with confidence without worrying about dark knees or elbows. 
  2. Keep Your Scalp Squeaky Clean: Summer hair care can be difficult with the sweltering weather. An itchy, oily scalp with dry tresses is hard to deal with, but a shampoo with a gentle formulation would do the trick. Refresh and rebalance your locks with The Beauty Co. Apple Cider Vinegar Shampoo for the steamiest summer ever. 

It deeply cleanses your scalp, removing the grime and oil without stripping its natural oils. ACV helps maintain your scalp's pH levels and relieves dandruff while keeping tresses full of life. 

Get ready to amp up your summer glow with these summer care tips! For more such content, head to our social and follow us!

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